Baby Boppees

Every third Wednesday the Boppees Girls of the UMW gather to cut,sew and stuff about 40 pillows that we take to All Children's.  Small blankets are also made. Joyce LeGor also has a small group at Bon Secour Nursing Home residents who stuff and we finish those up also. The nursing moms of preemies are always grateful for the positioning pillows! It’s a joy as well as fun fellowship!

Preschool 5 K Run!

A group of  FUMC Preschool teachers and parents participated in the Readiness Run on April 6th.  This  was a 5k run that benefited the Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County (ELC).  The ELC is a board ran,  federally funded organization that helps children  receive funds for qualified families who need help to pay for Preschool or after school programs.  Their mission is to serve families and providers by supporting the mission that all children in the county will be successful when entering school.  It was a great time and we represented FUMC well!

Club 56 Camping Trip

2nd Annual Club 56 Spring Retreat – We had 19 5th/6th graders camp for two nights at Myakka River State Park the last weekend in March. The group divided into two groups and hiked 12-13 miles on Saturday. All of our devotions for the weekend centered around the sin we carry in our lives and how it can make us feel far from God. But he always loves us and continually chases us and encourages us to give up the things that keep us from Him! Great memories were and lasting bonds were made over the two days in the woods. Now the 6th graders are ready for Wilderness Trail!

Kali Ulrich: YWAM and St. Pete First Missionary

This past year I adjusted to working in a creative team office with responsibilities of leading the worship ministry on our center, leading meetings for the whole base along with many other things here and there. I've been partnering with another ministry on base that reaches out to the rural towns in Australia. I've lead and organized 10 outreaches to 8 different towns, leading worship in churches, serving in a conference and at a festival, working with youth, and many other things with the local churches. In September I flew to Thailand to participate in the YWAM Together conference. I learned so much from many long term missionaries and saw the fire and commitment they have to spread the gospel. Our creative team has gone through many changes in staff the past year. Now we have a completely different team of people then we did at the beginning of 2018. The base has also undergone quite a few changes. We have built a new auditorium that now fits everyone for all of our worship times and base wide meetings. The amount of staff and students has increased and so we have been focused on expansion physically but also expanding our capacity for God and a move of the Holy Spirit.

    Looking ahead to this year I am filled with anticipation for whats in store. What this year holds I don't know, but the word God gave me for this it is adventure. He has said he will show me the progression that lies within an adventure. Along with that He has told me He will teach me about cultures on earth and in heaven. These are all quite big words to grasp, and speaking honestly I don't fully understand all of it, but the trust I have in Him is greater than my lack of understanding. I know that their are creative endeavors ahead and some I am currently working on that are awaiting completion. I feel that God has given me a place of influence in worship and in creativity and I feel the importance of using it this year. I'm taking the hardships of last year and pressing in closer to Gods heart with a passion and desire to impact people through the creative means I've been given

ERT Training

Recently, our church hosted an Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training for the district, with 27 attending, 16 in which were our own. Those pictured are now certified to provide physical, emotional and spiritual assistance in the early days following a disaster. While we are certainly praying for a lack of devastating storms for our state in the months and years to come, if and when they do come, we now have a team, ready to be there with a caring Christian presence. 

Chili Cook Off

Oh what fun we had at 6th Annual Youth Chili Cook-Off! Everyone’s taste’s buds were firing on all cylinders! Winners in so many categories, but of course all were superb!   A great multi-generational youth ministry event for the entire church. Thanks for everyone who came out to help support the 82 youth and adults going to Wilderness Trail this summer. See you again next year!

UMW Ditty Bags

Once a year women in the UMW gather to fill a Ditty Bag , hand made by members, with toothbrush n paste, razors, deodorant , shampoo, cream rinse, lotion, socks, wash cloths, devotionals, and love. 

We deliver them to the Salvation Army who immediately distributes to those in need. Start saving things now and come join us next year as we joyfully put Love in Action!

Heart Photo Spots

This Sunday members from our church gathered together to take photos of love and share them with others!