Scholarship Fund

Scholarship funds are available to qualifying student members of First United Methodist Church St. Petersburg. Applications for the church scholarship funds will be made available in the administration building and online at the FUMC webpage. 

Completed applications must be turned in to the administration building by the date on the form.

Any applications submitted after that date will not be considered. 

In order to be eligible for a scholarship award, a student must be:

  1. A member of First United Methodist Church St. Petersburg,
  2. A full-time college or seminary student carrying at least twelve (12) credit hours per semester.

Even if you have been awarded scholarship funds in the past, you must complete and submit a new application.


Please note that available scholarship funds are limited. Priority consideration will be given to qualifying applicants attending seminary. 

Should you need any further information concerning the scholarship application process, please contact the FUMC Scholarship Chair, Bob Lang at 727-580-4305 or by email at

2019 Scholarship Fund Guidelines and Application

Allocation Fund Request Form LINK