Marc Levasseur

Opening Show: 1/13, 5pm - 9pm

Closing: 2/24

Marc Levasseur is a local artist known for his use of acrylic, oil, paper, and other media. His work centers on the experience of light and shadow, color and texture — “the play between the seen and unseen.” Using different media in his painting, Levasseur creates textures and shapes for abstracts and figurative paintings. To reflect the notion that life is not perfect, he projects subtle imperfections in his paintings.


  • Marc Levasseur: 

    1/13 - 2/24

  • ReCreate: 

    3/3 - 4/7

    Easter Showcase

  • CCC Wesley: 

    4/14 - 5/19

    CCC Wesley USFSP and FUMC College Ministry Showcase

  • Dee PerConti: 

    5/26 - 7/14